Everyone’s a Winner

Scotland’s Dementia Awards

On Thursday 25th September 2015, in celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day, six winners of Scotland Dementia Awards were announced.  The Awards are a partnership between Alzheimer Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland, NHS Health Scotland and Scottish Social Services Council. They provide an opportunity for professionals and communities, who are committed to enhancing the health, well being and experience of people with dementia and their families, to have their work recognised and promoted.  The award scheme helps showcase the creativity, innovation and dedication that make a real difference to the daily lives of people with dementia and their families. It aims to demonstrate clearly how, across Scotland, policy is being sustainably put into best shared practice. All the work of the six winners can be viewed following this link.

Celebrating Allied Health Professional

This blog is celebrating and sharing that out of the six winners two were led by allied health professionals in the categories of Best Community Initiative and Best Acute Care Initiative

Best Community Initiative

Occupational Therapy Home Based Memory Rehabilitation Programme, NHS Dumfries & Galloway

The Home Based Memory Rehabilitation Programme (HBMR) is an evidence-based occupational therapy, early intervention programme for people with dementia.  The aim of this programme is to help people with dementia to compensate for memory difficulties that affect their everyday function, resulting in reduced demands on caregivers/family/friends. Based on the work of Mary McGrath (McGrath & Passmore, 2009), this 4-6 week individualised programme has been tailored and piloted in NHS Dumfries & Galloway.  Positive findings include an increase in number of memory strategies used and a decrease in number of memory problems reported.  Overall, participants have reported feelings of increased control. The work is captured in this two minute clip.

“I felt hopeful, the way she talked and explained things, I thought that if I can do this programme then I’m doing alright”

To find out more contact Emma Coutts (second from the left), Occupational Therapist. Tel: 07825401333 Email: emma.coutts@nhs.net


Best Acute Care Initiative

“Pocket Ideas….for a moment in time”, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Pocket Ideas…for a moment in time is a project that was initiated in a rehabilitation ward for older people.  Staff recognised a lack of stimulation and created an activity team which then proposed the idea of a “Pocket Ideas” toolkit.  The pocket-sized book is a portable, easy-to-use toolkit which prompts discussion and encourages activity through a selection of quick activities, conversation starters, pictures, inspirational quotes and games.  It takes no extra time for staff to use the toolkit and it has promoted increased self-esteem, reduced risk of low mood and has empowered people with dementia to achieve their own personalised goals. The work is captured in this two minute clip

“We talked, laughed and remembered things”

To find out more contact: Andrea Boyd, occupational therapist, Tel:  01294 323041 email: Andrea.Boyd2@aapct.scot.nhs.uk twitter : @AndreaBoydahpmh

..and the winners are:

We would like to leave you with two things to comment on in this blog or reflect on:

  • How can we share AHP evidence based “award winning” practice enabling more people living with dementia to have access to these programmes of work?
  • What other work is there that could be award winning?

To find out more about Scotlands dementia awards email ScotlandsDementiaAwards@alzscot.org


2 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Winner

  1. Congratulations on a fantastic, innovative idea – we all need to use this – not just in hospital or Care Home settings!!!!
    Thanks again for the ‘Let’s Talk About Dementia’ blog series.

  2. Maureen, thank you for commenting & I can inform our “winners” you have commented positively on their work, thanks again, Elaine

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