#24AEC: Dignity and Autonomy in Dementia

In October, the biggest dementia conference was held in Scotland, attended by over 700 people from over 39 countries. It was the 24th Annual Conference of Alzheimer Europe, an umbrella organisation of 36 Alzheimer associations from 31 countries across Europe supported this year by Alzheimer Scotland @alzscot.

The focus of the conference was on Dignity and Autonomy in Dementia and the four day event explored how recognising the human rights of people with dementia, their carers, partners and families is key to ensuring dignity and respect, as well as overcoming stigma.

Key to the event was the signing of the Glasgow Declaration: a commitment to promoting the rights, dignity and autonomy of people living with dementia across Europe. You can find out more about the Glasgow Declaration here.

The conference showcased best practice in informing and empowering people with dementia to make vital decisions regarding their own support and care needs, as well as supporting their participation at local, national and international level in shaping health and social care policies. The event had a lot of interest in social media and you can follow what happened by looking at #24AEC hashtag or following @AlzheimerEurope and @alzscot.

The presentations and posters will be on the Alzheimer Europe website however we decided for this week’s blog to show some of the highlights in the photo gallery.

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7 thoughts on “#24AEC: Dignity and Autonomy in Dementia

  1. Being there in my capacity as media person, I didn’t get the chance to go to anywhere near as many sessions as I wanted to. However, Rebecca Kellett’s presentation on food, eating and communication was incredibly informative. It was very much a common-sense approach and I came away really impressed by the simple brilliance of it.

    • Kirsty, that is great feedback for my speech & language therapy colleague. Rebecca does not tweet, however I will be sure to share your feedback.

      I am involved in a national engagement event tomorrow with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists with over 60 speech therapists & I am looking forward to working with them all. Elaine

  2. Excellent conference with many thought provoking presentations and posters. Jane Youell’s presentation Double beds and nice warm bodies stood out for me as did Mike Splaine’s Messaging about dementia risk and prevention: It’s complicated but necessary.

    • Thank you, it was great to be able to share our work to a wide audience and receive some useful feedback to inform our future and ongoing work.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on the blog

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