3 questions to shape this year’s blog posts in dementia care

Let’s talk about dementia shares the work and practice of allied health professionals in relation to dementia care. It aims to offer advice to people living with dementia, their carers, partners and families. The blog also offers a source of information to other health and social care professional colleagues.  In 2014 we posted blogs about how an allied health professional can help you with a focus on falls prevention, communication tips, eating well and an enabling home environment.  What else would you like to know from:

  • Art therapy
  • Dietician
  • Music therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Paramedic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatrist*
  • Speech and language therapy


What self-care information from this group of professionals (outlined above) would be helpful for you to live well with dementia that we can post in Let’s Talk about Dementia?

We have shared the role of some of the people who we work with in Alzheimer Scotland and who work here including our occupational therapy intern, occupational therapy student and a dementia advisor

What other work and roles would you like to hear about that we are leading on in Alzheimer Scotland?

We have also shared new and developing work in the area of dementia care including dementia friendly communities, exploring the potential of digital technology, living well in a care home and dementia and work

What other new work do you know about in the area of dementia care would you like us to include in our weekly blog posts?

We would welcome your positive comments and feedback on how to make this blog useful to you and it would be great if you could comment on our three questions posted or email us at TalkingDementia@Alzscot.org


*formally known as a chiropodist


2 thoughts on “3 questions to shape this year’s blog posts in dementia care

  1. This has been a great blog, very informative and I share it with my colleagues within NHS Fife so they can get a clearer understanding of the very crucial roles of AHP’s in dementia care

  2. Thank you Lynn, it would be great to know of topics they would find helpful for us to cover in 2015 to support people living with dementia & their carers and families. Many thanks, Elaine

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