Actualising work potential in dementia care

I am delighted to share with you in this blog, my work as an occupational therapist with a young man. This is only possible as I am working closely with his family and community partners.  The DVD is five minutes long and I hope you can see how work/vocational potential can be actualised with the right support, at the right time

My special interest is community connections.  During my last posting with NHS Lanarkshire, I was involved in designing an occupational therapy based leisure group in partnership with older adults and multi-agencies. This was open to ALL older adults and took place at the Time Capsule Leisure centre. It continues to attract around sixty older adults to the weekly group since 2009. Current leaders are looking into opening the group for an additional day as more older adults want to join in.  This leisure group was chosen as the platform to launch Scotland’s first National Dementia strategy.

I would now welcome your reflections around this filming and any further discussion points it raises within you.

Many thanks for taking the time to view this blog.


pasnaPasna Sallis- Occupational Therapist, Young Onset Dementia Team, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


My work involves timely occupational therapy input with the younger person with dementia and their family to live well within their community. In my current role I address self management issues within home, hospital, Care home settings, as well as within the wider community for example, work and/or leisure domain. I provide a consultancy role to OTs within our Board who are looking for specialist working knowledge in dementia care.


107 thoughts on “Actualising work potential in dementia care

  1. Thank you for such an inspirational video! It is great to see how OT and meaningful activity can contribute to someone’s life.

    • Thank you Barbra for your kind comments and for taking the time to view the ‘vlog’. Recently I learnt this was the correct term for a blog film ! If you already havn’t done so, pls see other AHP examples of great work in the 3 publications which are listed in the December blog !

  2. Pasna this is a fantastic example of how OT can work in innovative ways to help younger people to live well with dementia! It really highlights the need for a person-centred approach and the strengths of one-to-one work, a reminder that group work is not for everyone! I really hope the video will inspire more OTs working in this field to share their stories around interventions. Look forward to hearing more about your amazing work!

  3. Pasna thank you for sharing this super video about Malcolm. We were only discussing at uni on Friday how vital vocational and leisure activities are but sometimes they are not deemed as essential in dementia care. Well done!

    • Thank you Kari for taking the time to view this vlog and sharing your kind views. As you are aware, this is where OTs are crutial..we frame our assessment and interventions around the person’s context and not primarily round the context of the illness. Best of luck at Uni !

  4. Thank you Luisa for viewing the vlog and taking the time to add the 100th comment ! I agree with your comments re: person centredness..Any resource shud fit the Person and not the other way round, person fitting a resource. Yes, I am looking forward to viewing more vlogs by other OTs, including yours 🙂

    • Thank you Julie for sharing your thoughts. I agree it is a great way of enhancing so many lives for all involved: Malcolm, Malcolm’s family, tennis coach, tennis student, tennis club..and our wider society..truly inspiring all of us ..that more IS possible 🙂

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