“Let’s Talk about Dementia” in Brighton #COT2015

At The College of Occupational Therapists 39th Annual Conference and Exhibition we shared some of the allied health profession work at the only UK occupational therapy peer-reviewed conference for the profession from the 30 June – 2 July 2015, Brighton Centre, Brighton, Sussex. Occupational therapy are a 35,000 workforce in the UK working in NHS, social services, third sector and private practice.

At the conference we contributed to discussions on the future direction of the profession, explored new and different ways to develop our practice and of course laughed and enjoyed the conference. This blog post outlines a short selection our work in dementia in Scotland being led by occupational therapy and allied health professionals that we were proud to share in Brighton and now delighted to share with you.

pic 2

We led at least four presentations

  1. Occupational Therapy contributions to Post Diagnostic Support: Living Well with Dementia – Alison Groat @AliAHPDem & Jenny Reid @JennyAHPDem


  1. Promoting excellence for allied health professionals: Jenny Reid @JennyAHPDem http://tinyurl.com/qfro8wq

pic 3

  1. Home Based Memory Rehabilitation: Alison Groat @AliAHPDem & Wendy Chambers @WendyAHPDem http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/media/CLT/ResourceUploads/4063909/HBMR%20COT%20July%202015.pptx

pic 4

  1. Improving dementia care in general hospitals: reviewing a specialist occupational therapy service – Laura Hall Christine Steel @ChristineAHP https://letstalkaboutdementia.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/fairfield-cot-final-no-notes.pptx

We designed and shared at least six posters

  1. Creating the resources to support role-emerging student placement with Alzheimer Scotland: http://tinyurl.com/o2bkwmf Catriona Chapman @CatrionaChapman Elaine Hunter @elaineaphmh Fiona Maclean @MacleanFiona
  2. Sharing insights of undertaking an Occupational Therapy Internship: http://tinyurl.com/nzpan4n Catriona Chapman @CatrionaChapman

pic 5

  1. 3. “Let’s Talk about Dementia” Connecting People, Connecting Support:

http://tinyurl.com/nj8q4pl  Elaine Hunter @elaineaphmh

  1. Making dementia a priority at the front door; a Dementia Champion project within AHP Acute services: by Louise Watson Christine Steel @ChristineAHP Shona Ballentyne http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/media/CLT/ResourceUploads/4063928/Dementia_Champion_Project_Final_Draft.ppt
  2. Caring for Carers: by Liz Davidovic http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/media/CLT/ResourceUploads/4063926/Caring_for_Carers.pdf

pic 6

  1. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy : Theory vs. Practice: by Gail Hogg, http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/media/CLT/ResourceUploads/4063927/CST_-_final.zip

Making the invisible visible #COT2015

Over the three days we tweeted along with many others contributing to the 9,231 tweets from 817 participants. Have a look at #COT2015. You can also see an overview of the twitter activity here too  eventifier.com/event/cot2015.

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We had great feedback on our work through twitter too:

Finally, your reflections

  • We would welcome any comments on any of the work we have shared in the blog or during #COT2015
  • Also, what were your highlights from #COT2015?


pic 12

For further details about the conference you can look at these link too: http://cotannualconference.org.uk/


For further information on the work we have been developing in Scotland, have a look at our 2 communities of practice

  1. AHP National Delivery Plan Community of Practice: http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/ahpcommunity/ndp-workstreams/dementia.aspx
  2. AHPs have established a National Community of Practice on the Dementia MKN.  Go to www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/dementia  “National AHP Best Practice in Dementia Network”



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