Occupational Therapy Interns

To introduce ourselves:  We are Lynsey Robertson-Flannigan and Chris Cousins, 2 Occupational Therapy Students from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and we are currently completing a 3 month Occupational Therapy Internship based within Alzheimer Scotland in partnership with Santander Universities and Queen Margaret University.

This is what our 3 month internship provides: it gives us work experience within third sector focusing on dementia and AHP work. As there are two of us, we have joint projects we’re working on, a blog being one of them. We each also have our own individual projects that we will be working on throughout our time at Alzheimer Scotland and we’ll keep you updated on these at the blog.

We have put together a few video blogs on our work while we are here.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.



Christopher Cousins

Occupational Therapy Intern  


I am an Occupational Therapy Student from Queen Margaret University and am currently working in the role as Occupational Therapy Intern within Alzheimer Scotland working with The Scottish Dementia Working Group and using social media to promote what we are doing. I am in post for June, July and August 2015.


Lynsey Robertson-Flannigan

Occupational Therapy Intern  


I am an Occupational Therapy Intern working within the policy team at Alzheimer Scotland. My internship has provided me with the excellent opportunity to work alongside the Scottish Dementia Working Group and support them with a project to share their ‘Top-Tips’ for living well with dementia. I am also completing a literature search on rights based practice to be used in the development of an MSc Dementia module being run at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.


6 thoughts on “Occupational Therapy Interns

  1. Fantastic sounding projects both individual and jointly. Loved your blogs providing insight to your intern experiences. Student interns collaborating with people living with dementia to positively change and educate is the future of AHP professional development. Hope the rest of your time with Alzheimer Scotland continues to be productive and enjoyable.

    • Hi Kirsty,
      Thanks for reading our blog and watching our videos. The time we have spend working with people with dementia really has been amazing and we are taking so much learning from these experiences and this learning really will lead to further education and learning for others. Keep following our blog over the rest of our internship as we’ll keep updating it.

  2. So great to see so much enthusiasm and you enjoying your placements with Alzheimer Scotland, a great opportunity.
    Thanks for sharing your videos with your interesting projects, will look forward to seeing the leaflets. I am sure you are learning so much from this experience and working with the SDWG. Well done both of you and good luck with the rest of your studies.

    • Hi Myra,
      Thanks for watching our videos and yes we are very much enjoying our internship and it is a unique experience. Keep an eye out for on our blog for how our projects are progressing. We really are learning something new everyday and we know this will continue over the rest of our internship.

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