Let’s Talk About Dementia Resource Centres (part 1)

Creating Helensburgh’s new DRC

Over the coming 4 months we want to take you on our journey as we create a new dementia resource centre in the Heart of Helensburgh.

In 2010 Helensburgh Services opened one of Alzheimer Scotland’s first DRC’s with the support of Helensburgh & District Branch and a group of very enthusiastic volunteers.

381972_394894373922624_1260509252_n[1]This was a brave step in taking dementia into the high street, however very quickly we realised the community of Helensburgh was right behind us with our volunteer team growing from 10 to 25 in the first 6 months.

Why Move

Over the past 5 years we very quickly outgrew our current premises, often having to hire venues that were not always suitable for the events & groups we wanted to host. Our dementia advisor often had to meet with people with dementia & families in coffee shops and our staff found themselves having meetings in the kitchen as the office was too busy.

The Challenge

Premises have been a challenge to source and we have had our hopes dashed a number of times over the past couple of years. We needed to find somewhere that was central, that had space we could use flexibly for a variety of activities while being a welcoming environment for people looking for information, advice and support. The space also needed to be fit for a growing staff team and that could accommodate a Community Outreach Service.

We need YOUR help

We now need to grow out volunteer group to allow us to have the DRC operational as often as possible and offering a variety of opportunities for people living with dementia and their families. We also need to raise £100,000 – that will enable us to create a DRC that is fit for the future and that the community of Helensburgh is proud of.

Please take a moment to support the build of our new DRC by donating to our JustGiving page here

To get involved, fundraise or follow our progress email me at jarmitage@alzscot.org or visit our local facebook page.


Creating Helensburgh’s new DRC part 2

next month we will show you what we found and how work is progressing…right in the Heart of Helensburgh!


IMG_0199Jean Armitage, Policy and Engagement Manager, Alzheimer Scotland


My remit as a Policy and Engagement Manager with Alzheimer Scotland is interesting and varied with four main areas of work – Membership engagement, Representation and policy, Fundraising and Supporting & working with Branches.

For me it is about ensuring people’s views and experiences inform policy makers’ decisions, that voices are listened to at both local and national level and that people are enabled to get involved in the way that suits them.


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