Let’s Talk About Dementia – 2015


Many thanks to everyone who has supported our site this year, from contributors and readers to all involved in putting the posts together.

We have had a total of 13,776 visitors to date this year from 87 different countries with over 27,714 views and this will be our 56th post of the year.

Let’s take this opportunity to look once again at the top 3 posts of 2015:

pasnaIn January, Pasna Sallis @pasna, posted a video on ‘Actualising work potential in dementia care’.  This video had the most traffic with 41,418 views and also the most engagement with 106 comments in total.  You can see her video again here.




Ruth GardnerIn May, Ruth Gardner @RuthOTDem, told us more about ‘Delirium – What do you need to know?’ Her post has had 41,421 views, you can read this again here.




alisonIn July, Christine Steel @Christineahp, gave us ‘7 top tips to Risk Enablement’.  Her post has also had 41,421 views to date and you can read this again here.




We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


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