Kick off 2016 with a relaxing break – grants available!

cbFor people and families living with dementia a break from the day-to-day challenges of life can be a welcome relief.

Our Creative Breaks grants give you the chance to apply for up to £300 towards creating an enjoyable experience. Working with Shared Care Scotland we’re offering financial assistance to help people in Scotland with dementia, their family, friends and carers access a well-earned break.

The aim is to improve the well-being of carers and the people they care for by supporting the financial aspects behind a relaxing break, or activities and equipment that will help relieve the everyday stresses of supporting someone with a diagnosis of dementia.

Are you eligible for a Creative Breaks grant?

  • Are you caring for someone with a diagnosis of dementia?
  • Do you need a short break?
  • Have you not had a short break in the past 12 months?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above, you may be eligible to apply for a Creative Breaks grant. The break could be a holiday, or it could help pay for a photography course, or getting in a bit of support to be at that one off event or outing. It’s up to you. What would make a difference to your family?

More info Visit our website to check eligibility and download an application form.


angiDementia Advisor / Creative Breaks Coordinator 



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