Dementia Awareness Week (Scotland) 2016: 30 May – 5 June

#DAW2016 & #AHPDementia

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Allied health professionals in Scotland are getting involved in Dementia Awareness Week 2016 to raise awareness about dementia and how we can help if you are living with dementia or a family member. We are getting involved

  • at local events where you can Ask an allied health professional”
  • on social media, follow #AHPDementia
  • at Alzheimer Scotland’s national conference on the 3rd June
  1. Ask an allied health professional”

Worried about falls, eating well and keeping active? Perhaps you have questions about communication, good foot care, looking for tips on how to live well at home?  We have Allied Health Professionals across Scotland waiting to answer your questions in their “tea & blether” with you and will be available from Dunoon to Aberdeen to Renfrew. For details of local events please follow this link:

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  1. Follow #AHPDementia

For the week we will develop “a blog a day” sharing allied health professionals contribution to dementia care. Please feel free to comment on the blog, ask us questions, telling us “what is important to you”

  • Maximising Physical Wellbeing by our physiotherapy colleague @lynnflannigan1, Gillian, a registered dietician and Dorothy a podiatrist
  • Maximising Psychological Wellbeing by our speech and language therapy colleague @keir_jenny
  • Enhancing Daily Living sharing the work by occupational therapy & home based memory rehabilitation @EmmaAHPDem and @RachelAHPMH
  • Adapting Everyday Environments by our occupational therapy colleague in Inverness @TommyBirse
  • Supporting Families, Partners & Carers by our occupational therapy colleague @RuthOTDem

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We are also expanding our use of social media adding to our #AHPDementia tweets and Let’s Talk about Dementia blog, by developing our AHPDementia profile on Instagram. We will be sharing our work & practice through images and text, sharing advice & information to living well with dementia.

  1. “Talk to us” at the Alzheimer Scotland Conference 3rd June: STAND 26

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Come to STAND 26 on the 3rd June where we will have allied health professionals delighted to answer ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS on the importance of

  • Diet and nutrition with @evelynnewman17 a registered dietitian
  • Good foot care with Dorothy a podiatrist
  • Communication & swallowing with Jenny, @keir_jenny a speech & language therapist
  • Falls prevention & keeping physically active with @lynnflannigan1 a physiotherapist
  • Art as a therapeutic intervention with @Adrienneahpmh an art therapist
  • Keeping involved in meaningful (to you) activities with @RachelAHPMH, Lynda occupational therapists and Marianne an Alzheimer Scotland occupational therapy intern

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Also at STAND 26, ask us questions about the allied health professionals national work, where you will find the following people:

Niamh, @NiamhKinsella, who will talk to you about her Alzheimer Scotland PhD Studentship and her developing research into the Tailored Activity Programme implementation in Scotland

Adrienne, @adrienneahpmh, can answer questions about our work in Alzheimer Scotland to support the future AHP workforce through our AHP practice placements & our AHP intern programme, talking about the lasting impact this is having on our new graduates and their understanding of dementia

Alison, @AliAHPDem, will be delighted to talk to you about her work in partnership with Scotland’s AHP’s and the Alzheimer Scotland Link Workers to transform the AHP contribution to post diagnostic support

Elaine, @elaineahpmh, will share her work developing an evidence based policy document outlining the key contribution of allied health professionals to integrated and coordinated community support, discussing the process & the progress of this national AHP policy document.

Join the allied health professionals at your local events, on social media or the national conference. As a group of allied health professionals we will be delighted to have a “blether” with you and hear what is “important to you” about dementia, with the aim to offer practical advice on who the allied health professionals are and how we can help you.

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Other helpful resources during the week to consider


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