Allied Health Professionals – Talking about Dementia

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Let’s talk about dementia is a weekly blog, started in June 2014, after Scotland’s National Dementia Awareness Week. Two years on, we are still developing the blog, sharing the art and practice of being an allied health professional. The blog was inspired by a simple and powerful idea suggested by a carer who said to me,

“I think people with dementia could benefit from the “hidden treasures of Allied Health Professionals”.

The blog continues to provide the perfect opportunity to share the work of the Allied Health Professionals, extending the AHP reach in talking about dementia care, while also helping others gain a better understanding of our role, how we can help and ask us questions on our work.

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After another dementia awareness week in 2016, we continue to post a blog every Thursday morning at 7am and to date we have shared 114 posts, had 53,295 views from over 67 countries, received 414 comments with Facebook, search engine and twitter as the main source for sharing the blog.

#AHPDementia sharing their key contribution

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For allied health professionals to talk about dementia and share how they can help if you are living with dementia or a family member, we are developing our contribution into 5 key areas and we shared this last week during #DAW2016, posting a blog a day with the support of @AHPScotblog. During the week we posted seven blogs, with over 1,165 ‘hits’ to both blog sites.  Thank you to our contributors for sharing their work and passion and to all our readers. All seven blogs are shared again below.

  1. Allied Health Professionals Maximising Physical Wellbeing
  • Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Diet & Nutrition: so does eating fish make you brainy?

  • Healthy Feet

  1. Allied Health Professionals Maximising Psychological Wellbeing
  • Confident conversations

  1. Allied Health Professionals Enhancing Daily Living
  • Home Based Memory Rehabilitation Programme – an occupational therapy early intervention for people living with dementia

  1. Allied Health Professionals Adapting Everyday Environments
  • Living Well at Home with Dementia

  1. Allied Health Professionals Supporting Families, Partners & Carers as equal partners
  • “A Blossoming Idea” Fronto Temporal Carers Group 4

Photo Gallery

As ever, allied health professionals, like to talk, however we also understand the power of images to share our work, passion and to understand “what’s important to you”. We have just started using Instagram at AHPDEMENTIA,  you can follow us there too, however here are just a few of images capturing our contribution to #DAW2016

On reflection

We know people are frightened by dementia. But we have never overcome frightening things by not talking about them. It is vital we encourage dementia conversations and help remove the stigma associated with the disease. Through this blog we want to keep the country talking about dementia, beyond dementia awareness week.

We will continue with this blog, led by allied health professionals with support from Alzheimer Scotland, engaging in social media conversations, raising awareness and ultimately aspiring to ensure that nobody faces dementia alone.

We look forward to continue to connect with you on this blog site. Post us a comment or email us a question at , telling us “what’s important to you” to living well with dementia or as a family member to a person living with dementia.

Thank you to all our contributors, followers and readers.

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