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 Your Top 10 of 2016


In this week’s blog we are sharing your Top 10 blog posts of 2016, with an invitation to let us know what you would like to read about in 2017.  In no particular order here are the final five of your top ten

Scrapbooks of our lives “Defining who we are & bringing families and loved ones together” by @henryrankin52 https://letstalkaboutdementia.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/scrapbooks-of-our-lives/


Henry Rankin wanted to share his speech that he and his daughter gave together at a Forget Me Not ball. Henry stated that the Forget Me Not ball was a fabulous night which he thoroughly enjoyed because  “it makes you feel like there is something special going on”. The speech takes the form of a conversation between Henry and his daughter as they come to terms with his diagnosis of dementia.

“Technology Enabled Care” for people living with dementia in Scotland by @JenniferRisk4



This blog shares information about the first ever Technology Charter for people living with dementia in Scotland and the launch at the Scottish Digital Health Conference in Glasgow by noted Scottish journalist, Sally Magnusson. In the blog, we are sharing what the charter is and how we are “making it real”.

You can source a full copy of the charter here:

Connecting People Connecting Support by @AliAHPDem & @wendyAHPDem



Alison and Wendy talk about a workshop where they were welcoming over 198 people to Queen Margaret University, in partnership with colleagues from Alzheimer Scotland, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, College of Occupational Therapy, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust with a live stream happening at the same time.  We are connecting  people and organisations together with a shared interest in the occupational therapy contribution to post diagnostic support. You can watch the day on our live stream link www.video3uk.com/actionondementia. You click on the EventCast Tab and you will see the link to the live stream for the day called “Connecting People Connecting Support. Home Based Memory Rehabilitation” or you can follow us on our hash tag #OTHBMR.

Allied Health Professionals Maximising Physical Wellbeing WHAT IS A RADIOGRAPHER? by Caroline Handley



Caroline writes it is vital that radiographers and other members of the radiographic workforce are able to understand and support the needs of people with dementia and their carers. Not only is this because all patients are entitled to the best possible, personalised care but, vitally, understanding and meeting the care needs of people with dementia will ensure the best outcomes from imaging and radiotherapy. (Freeman 2015). Caroline also shares a copy of her professional body clinical practice guideline for the radiography workforce (imaging and radiotherapy) when working with people living with dementia. You can see a copy of the full guidelines here http://www.sor.org/learning/document-library/caring-people-dementia-clinical-practice-guideline-radiography-workforce-imaging-and-radiotherapy


Allied Health Professionals : Adapting Everyday Environments “Keep on Cooking” by @nicoleKane_OT https://letstalkaboutdementia.wordpress.com/2016/10/06/allied-health-professionals-adapting-everyday-environments-2/

Nicole shares her work as an occupational therapy student while on placement with Alzheimer Scotland. “Whilst at a post diagnostic support group in my first week…, I was approached by a daughter concerned about her mother’s welfare; she was looking for ways to stop her mother cooking as she worried that she would endanger herself. Without thinking I gave ideas like removing visual triggers such as pots and pans, disconnecting the gas cooker ……but what if cooking is important for her mother? What if, cooking symbolises her mum’s role as a parent, a caregiver and a provider? As an aspiring occupational therapist should I not instead look for ways to enable safe participation in meaningful occupation instead of putting up barriers?” Nicole then shares five top tips to assist people to keep cooking

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145701806349836Elaine Hunter
Allied Health Professional Consultant, Alzheimer Scotland

My remit in Alzheimer Scotland is to bring the skills of AHPs to the forefront of dementia practice and to share with them the principles and practice of working in a major charity that is dedicated to “making sure nobody faces dementia alone”. I am leading the delivery of commitment 4 of Scotland’s Dementia Strategy. In short, a great job working with great people.


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