Our “Top Tips” for living well with dementia

Out and About

Who better to offer ideas on how to live well with dementia than the people living with dementia. Our Alzheimer Scotland Occupational Therapy interns have been working with the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) to co-produce a peer to peer resource of tips and strategies for people living with dementia. We are in the final stages of the leaflet going to print however in this week’s blog we are delighted to share with you a preview of the “Out and About” section.

Using buses, trains and taxis

Using public transport can be a daunting prospect, the following approaches work successfully for members of the group:

  • Keeping a card in wallet or purse with details of where a person’s final destination is, this will provide a reminder of what to ask for when purchasing bus or train tickets
  • Keeping ‘emergency change’ in wallets, pockets or purses can be useful to prevent a person getting caught short, or in the event that public transport needs to be used unexpectedly
  • Keeping a note inside bus pass of emergency contact and frequently visited places

Cark parks

  • Creating a ‘paper trail’ can be an effective reminder for where a car has been parked in a busy car park, for example leaving a can of juice on the roof of the car
  • Many mobile phones now have cameras, which can be used to take a photograph of where the car is parked to aid a person in finding it

Staying self and asking for help

  • Carrying a card with an explanation of dementia in a person’s bag, wallet or purse can come in handy should the person feel the need to explain to a member of the public that they have dementia, or if they need to ask for help
  • Keyrings can be purchased that hold details such as a person’s name and emergency contact information
  • Carrying a mobile phone can be valuable in an emergency or distressing situation. It is useful to programme speed dials for people to call in an emergency, so that this can be done quickly and easily
  • It is a good idea to have a contact stored as ICE (In Case of Emergency) within a person’s phone. The emergency services will look for this number should they be required to help a person in crisis


  • Bells on keys can be helpful for locating them within bags and pockets
  • Keys and locks can be colour-coded to make them easier to use (for example, yellow key is for yellow lock, pink key for pink lock)


The 16 page leaflet will be available next month to source. However, when you see the leaflet, the hints and tips were the ideas of a subgroup from SDWG and you may also have hints and tips to living well. Please get in touch and share your ideas with us at sdwg@alzscot.org and add comments to this blog post

Thank you

Other useful information : Travelling Safely with Dementia by Scottish Dementia Working Group

Our updated version of our Travelling Safely with Dementia Leaflet has just been published – you can view a copy here by clicking the link Travelling Safely with Dementia Leaflet

It’s here! Our new Travelling Safely with Dementia video is now available to watch. The video features some our members talking about their experiences travelling and offers helpful advice. http://www.sdwg.org.uk/uncategorized/travelling-safely-with-dementia-video/


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