Getting Ready for Dementia Awareness Week #DAW2017 29 May–4 June

Today 93,000 people in Scotland are living with dementia, and that figure is set to rise. Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be a devastating and frightening time both for the person with dementia and for their families and friends.  Sadly, many people with dementia tell us that friends and even family drift away after their diagnosis. People can find it difficult to know how to react when they hear the news that a friend has dementia.

This Dementia Awareness Week, lets help people understand why friendship and kindness are more important than ever when you have dementia. Join us sharing information on what we can all do to support friends, family and people in our communities who are living with dementia.

You can help by hosting a tea & blether or share a friendship story or joins us at our Alzheimer Scotland annual conference on the 2 June 2017, Edinburgh International conference Centre, Edinburgh.  This year’s conference will explore big issues, from the impact of Brexit on research and collaboration, to challenging and trying to understand the often contradictory risk reduction headlines in the media about nutrition, food and drink. Plenary sessions will also ask pertinent questions of Government, the health and care sector, research and our own role, including ‘What’s next for Scotland?’ and query ‘Where is my new drug?’.

5 reasons to come to the Alzheimer Scotland annual conference

  1. Great choice

With nine parallel sessions on offer, delegates have the ultimate flexibility to tailor the conference programme in order to suit their specific interests. Parallel sessions will include:

  • Connecting people, connecting support led by our allied health professionals
  • Caring by design – function vs aesthetics
  • Nutrition, food and drink
  • Make it equal – all of our roles in equalities and dementia
  • Innovations in practice – music, film, dementia dogs and language
  • Designing services for younger people with dementia
  • Enabling technologies: technology and digital innovation
  • Advanced illness, end of life and palliative care
  • Capturing person centeredness – sex, diversity and hope
  1. Diverse networks

The conference will see over 500 delegates come together under one roof to share their insights and experiences, and to discover new ways that we can all work together to improve the lives of people living with dementia. Delegates will include people with dementia, their carers, health and care professionals, as well as those with an academic, policy or business interest. These include the pharmaceutical industry and representatives from the finance, legal, property, technology and innovation sectors. The conference will be a wonderful melting pot of ideas and inspiration.

  1. Big questions

Do you wonder what impact Brexit will have on dementia research and the Scottish research community? Are you frustrated with the lack of any new drugs? Can you make sense of the near daily newspaper headlines about dementia? Do you wonder what’s next for people living with dementia in Scotland? Join Alzheimer Scotland as we ask our speakers these vital questions.

  1. Vibrant exhibition

From product demonstrations, to poster-board presentations, from showand-tells, to videos – you name it; we will have it all in the exhibition area for 2017. Please view the website for a list of this year’s exhibitors. If you are interested in exhibiting, contact for further details.

  1. Real stories

Members from both the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) and the National Dementia Carers Action Network (NDCAN) will be participating in key presentations throughout the day, providing unique insight into their opinions on the progress made to date, as well as hosting extended displays within the main exhibition area. Both groups encourage everyone to engage with them; to find out what the groups have on the horizon and to chat about how you could work with them in the future

You can find out more about how to support dementia awareness week here.

Or how to join us at our annual conference here.


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