“A blog a day” for #DAW2017 by #AHPDementia #ThankYou

If you follow #DAW2017 you can see, last week was a busy week for everyone in Scotland. To support the week we shared  a blog a day from a few of the professions who wanted to share who they are and how they CAN help if living with dementia.  If you missed any of the blogs, you can review the blogs here and let’s keep talking about dementia in 2017. 

On reflection

What was your favourite bit of Dementia Awareness Week?

Share a photo of your best bit to share on in our photo album?

Thank you to all our bloggers this week:

Gillian (who is not a tweeter but happy to share her expertise on social media)

Caroline @radcaca1

Rebecca @rmakellett

Claire @ClaireCraig_PT

@Karin & @RCOT  for supporting occupational therapists in Scotland in partnership with @Alzscot

@musictherapyUK for supporting music therapists in Scotland in partnership with @Alzscot

@AHPScot for supporting and posting our blogs in partnership throughout the week

 Thank you to ALL our readers, followers, supporters and blog contributors.

We launched this blog during Dementia Awareness Week in 2014 and we said then, “Dementia is frightening. Talking about it helps us make sure that nobody faces dementia alone and through this blog we want to keep the country talking about it.”

So let’s keep talking about dementia!



3 thoughts on ““A blog a day” for #DAW2017 by #AHPDementia #ThankYou

    • Thank you for commenting on our blog post. The #OneWeeThing was a great idea and added to everyone talking about dementia, I only posted a few of the images with this hash tag but there are a lot more.
      Thank you once again for commenting

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