5 years of Occupational Therapy Interns – Blog Takeover

This summer marks the 5th year of the Alzheimer Scotland and Queen Margaret University occupational therapy internship partnership, supported by Santander Universities UK. The 5 years has allowed the extension of the partnership to the Scottish Dementia Working Group, made up of those living with dementia. Their perspective has been invaluable in the education of the interns and informing the courses at Queen Margaret University. We are delighted this year to be joined by an events management graduate from Queen Margaret University as the first allied health professional (AHP) volunteer.

Past occupational therapy interns have completed many exceptional projects with the help of the Scottish Dementia Working group and we aim to share the contribution that AHP volunteers and occupational therapy interns can make to Alzheimer Scotland over the summer of 2017. We will share details of our projects that are centered on raising awareness of the differences AHPs and occupational therapists CAN make in dementia services and will be working closely with the Scottish Dementia Working group to challenge the stigma and change the image of dementia.

Internships provide flexible and educational opportunities which aim to allow the intern to explore emerging perspectives within their field of choice or expertise. Internships within Alzheimer Scotland can support the aspiration of having a skilled workforce for dementia care. The partnership between Alzheimer Scotland, the leading dementia organisation, and Queen Margaret University not only supports the education of the interns but also allows for a more informed curriculum.

Meet the Team: Occupational therapy interns and AHP volunteer for 2017

Nicole Kane – Occupational Therapy Graduate

I am 21 years old and I will be graduating from Queen Margaret University this summer! In my final year at university I completed an 8 week occupational therapy practice placement with Alzheimer Scotland in Lanarkshire. I loved the positivity of the organisation and the enabling approach of the employees. I was delighted to be accepted as one of this year’s occupational therapy interns and look forward to working with Alzheimer Scotland and the Scottish Dementia Working Group to challenge the stigma around dementia. You can follow my work on twitter with the handle @NicoleKane_OT or with the hashtag #OTIntern2017.



Lynsey Robertson-Flannigan – Occupational Therapy Assistant

My name is Lynsey Robertson-Flannigan and I am currently completing my second Santander Universities sponsored Occupational Therapy Internship with Alzheimer Scotland and Queen Margaret University, having been a full time intern in the summer of 2015 between the third and fourth years of my undergraduate degree. This time around I am job sharing with my fellow intern, Beth, and spending the rest of my working week as a hospital based Occupational Therapy Assistant. I graduated from Queen Margaret University with a BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy in July 2016 before having a few months off with my new baby. As a graduate working as an OTA I am viewing my internship through a different lens than I was in 2015, but with equal amounts of passion and enthusiasm for reducing stigma and helping to spread the word of what Allied Health Professionals can do to help people to live well with dementia. Follow my work on twitter @LRFlanniganOT!

Emily Duffy- Events Management Graduate

Hello! My name is Emily Duffy and for this summer I am an AHP volunteer with Alzheimer Scotland. I will be graduating with a first class BA (Hons) in Events Management from Queen Margaret University and hope to develop and bring some different skills and knowledge to the internship team on an exciting project we are working on. I am also a House Team Leader at Edinburgh University’s Students Association and hope to begin a career in the third sector, being passionate about social sustainability. Although I am not from an Occupational Therapy background, I feel strongly towards challenging the stigma of dementia and raising awareness of the valuable work of Allied Health Professionals across Scotland. Find me on twitter under the username @McNEmilyJane.

Elizabeth Crockett- Occupational Therapy Student

IMG_1455.JPGHello! My name is Elizabeth (Beth) Crockett and I am international student currently completing my Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at Queen Margaret University. Previously, I have completed a BSc in Kinesiology (Honours) from the University of Alberta, Canada. This summer, I am delighted to be undertaking a joint internship with Queen Margaret University and Alzheimer Scotland, sponsored by Santander Universities. Additionally, I am lucky to have the opportunity to share the position and draw on the experience of a previous year’s intern, Lydnsey. I am originally from Canada but I have always had a keen interest in studying and traveling abroad, so it seemed logical to extend that pattern and pursue my Master’s degree in Edinburgh, a city that had always enticed me. As a prospective Allied Health Professional, this internship will provide me with a platform to enhance the visibility and value of occupational therapy within dementia care, with the ultimate goal of improving practice. Finally, throughout the internship I hope to reduce the stigma associated with dementia and show that people CAN still live meaningful lives. Follow my work on Twitter @b_crocks.

Over the next 8 weeks we will be sharing our work on social media through this blog, on Instragram AHPDementia, on Facebook and using the #OTIntern17 & #AHPVolunteer17. Follow our work, comment on our posts and let’s keep talking about dementia. Thank you.

AHP Volunteer Emily and OT Intern Nicole Meet with SDWG 2017



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