Occupational Therapy Interns and AHP Volunteer Instagram Takeover

As part of the occupational therapy interns and AHP volunteer summer takeover we will be taking over the AHP Dementia Instagram Account. Instagram is a form of social media that allows users to convey information through photographs and images. There will be a new addition to the Instagram every week day from a member of the AHP Team!

MONDAYS: Top tips for living well with Dementia

(Lynsey Robertson-Flannigan, Occupational Therapy Intern)

Transparent kitchen appliances can make it easy to see when the kettle is boiling or if the toast is ready. Stay tuned for more #toptips for #livingwell with #dementia over the coming weeks! #ahpdementia #otinterns2017

TUESDAYS: General tips for wellbeing

(Emily Duffy, AHP Volunteer)

Relaxation is essential for reducing stress and improving your overall #wellbeing, including better sleep and a healthier mind. Today, do something relaxing that you enjoy. Whether it’s taking a walk up Arthur’s Seat, mucking about in the garden, or reading your favourite book, doing something that makes you feel good will be reflected in your overall #wellbeing #AHPdementia #alliedhealthprofessionals #otinterns2017 #otinterns #arthurseat #occupationaltherapy

WEDNESDAYS: Let’s Talk About Dementia Blog Promotion and feature photo from personal narrative of meaningful occupations.                    

 (Nicole Marie Kane, Occupational Therapy Intern)


Alzheimer Scotland’s Occupational Therapy Interns and AHP Volunteer have been conducting their own photography projects to capture what’s meaningful to them!

Follow our projects by signing up to the blog http://www.letstalkaboutdementia.wordpress.com or on twitter with the #OTInterns17 #AHPVolunteer17 #AHPDementia #ConnectingPeople #ConnectingSupport

 THURSDAYS: Based on a AHP leaflet – Did you know: Occupations with an AHP feature                        (Beth Crockett, Occupational Therapy Intern)


#OTinterns17’s Thursday theme is highlighting how #ahp CAN support people with dementia. Did you know OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS can support people with dementia to continue doing everyday activities they find meaningful? So whether it is getting dressed for work, for your role as a parent or grandparent or participate in your favorite hobby, occupational therapists take a holistic approach to dementia care. Find out more about what Occupational Therapy can offer at https://www.rcot.co.uk/ #valueofOT #AHPDementia #ConnectingPeople #ConnectingSupport

FRIDAYS: Connecting people through conversation and enquiry

(Elaine Hunter, National AHP Consultant)

AHPDementia, connecting people through conversation & inquiry What did the stories tell us what really matters if you live with dementia ? Listening – you told us being LISTENED to in itself had a huge positive impact, you had stories to tell. The quality of our listening was important too, really seeking to understand what matters most to people & hear the whole story #ConnectingSupport #ConnectingPeople #OTIntern17 #AHPDementia #ahpvolunteer17 @nicolemariekane @bc_rocks @mcnemilyjane @lynsey_flannigan

Our aim is to use different social media platforms to share our work with a wider group of people in new and exciting ways. We will use the social media platform of Instagram to challenge the stigma surrounding dementia, to highlight how the different AHP professions can make a positive impact on the lives of those living with dementia, and to offer practical advice to family members, carers and people living with dementia. The captions associated with each photo posted will be informed by literature, research evidence, conversations with people living with dementia and their carers, and through collaboration with other AHPs and students. Already we can see that our Top Tips for living well with dementia are proving popular and we will be looking to provide more practical hints and tips throughout the account.

The occupational therapy interns and AHP volunteer are currently completing a range of projects which challenge the negative image of dementia and utilise photography as a creative way to capture what’s important for those living with dementia. As part of our preparation we all completed a personal photography project to allow us to fully understand the process of capturing our lives on camera; the Instagram account will give us a platform to share the photographs we have taken and the meaning behind them for us.

We hope that our blog subscribers will support our Instagram account and follow us @AHPDementia. You can comment below on what self-help information you would like us to include on the Instagram? Would you like to know more about allied health professional or how to support your loved ones? Please let us know, we are happy to receive your feedback.

You can keep up to date with all of our projects and activities on twitter with the hashtags #OTInterns17 and #AHPVolunteer17.







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