Dancing for a healthier 2018

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Hello I am Pasna, an Occupational Therapist with 20 years experience and have worked in a variety of settings and specialities within NHS Scotland.  Occupational Therapists are one of the unique health care professionals who assist to solve any difficulties by looking at what the person CAN do, before addressing what they cannot do.

Early intervention and prevention is a huge agenda for Scotland’s current health and social care services with an emphasis on well-being issues as our population ages.  I have started a Social Enterprise Organisation- not for profit named Weekday Wow Factor, to address prevention by applying what I know works as an occupational therapist.  Day Time Disco in a Glasgow Nightclub is one of the interventions offered to enhance health and well-being for people with or without Dementia.  For people with dementia its an opportunity to assist in enhancing their connection with family, friends and community and reducing any life stressors by dancing it off! I am delighted to share this work with you in this week’s blog post.

I would be very interested to hear any comments which you may have about this vlog showcasing dancing as a holistic and healthy occupation.

Thank you, Pasna

Today’s author

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My role is to design and deliver Public Health Occupational Therapy  using fun, adventurous and exciting leisure activities to motivate more people of all ages and abilities to engage in healthy leisure activities to enhance health and wellbeing.  I am passionate about  community connections and adapting leisure activities so there is a better fit for adults of all ages to awaken their inner child.

Thank you to all the participants at Weekday Wow Factor for allowing us to regularly film events to generate awareness of this social enterprise.  This Video belongs to Weekday Wow Factor Ltd

Some information about the Weekday Wow Factor

Weekday Wow Factor are a newly-established social enterprise which seek to make a positive impact on health and well-being outcomes through leisure activities.

Based in Glasgow, Weekday Wow Factor runs several social and adventure activities for adults of all ages and abilities at risk of loneliness and social isolation in the Glasgow area.

Established by occupational therapist Pasna Sallis, Weekday Wow Factor provides a social platform where adults of all ages can enjoy the kind of fun activities usually reserved for teenagers.

The main event, as far as Weekday Wow Factor are concerned, is their weekly Healthy Daytime Disco, run on Mondays 11.30am to 1.30pm at the trendy Sanctuary nightclub in Glasgow’s West End. Non-alcoholic drinks and sandwiches are provided to keep energy levels high for an afternoon of D.I.S.C.O! All welcome to drop in any Monday!


28 thoughts on “Dancing for a healthier 2018

  1. Dance is a good way to enhance wellbeing of people. Pasna is going a great job and this initiative deserves a big applause!!
    Thanks Pasna.

  2. This is a great initiative pasna. Generally people tend to avoid hitting the gym as the time moves on due to monotonous exercises. Dancing on the other hand and mingling with friends goes well in balancing both our physical as well as mental health and staying alert. There is always a natural preference for staying fit and alert while engaging ourselves in a fun activity like dancing.

    • Thanks Nitin …appreciate your kind comments!

      IIndeed Dancing is a very natural activity and I was amazed to see it’s power even at the advanced stages of the illness!

    • Hi Tracey, Thank you for your support! Indeed…one example of the benefits was a lady who had stated her wrist pedometer once she awakened in the morning, clocking 2,000 steps upon entering the Sanctuary Nightclub. After the disco, upon leaving she had increased her steps to 9,000! Music is a fantastic motivator to move our bodies and feed our soul!

  3. Pasna ‘s ideas are innovative and exciting. Not just for health improvement , but one of the curses of the elderly, loneliness!
    Just having discourse with another human being can be so important, but having FUN as well??

    • Thanks a lot Catherine for your kind comments! Indeed there are holistic benefits when doing something fun …a great motivator to bring people together!

  4. Great to see this come to fruition. Society is beginning to recognise that quality of life can not simply be addressed via medical services. Purposeful activity is hugely important for health and well-being, it’s amazing what can be achieved.. Weekday WOW Factor is giving people the opportunity to get involved in old, new and challenging events. All bringing opportunity for socialising, talking points, achievements and exercise. I look forward to reading more about Weekday WOW Factor!

    • Hi Catriona, Thank you for your kind comments!
      Absolutely, meangingful activities are crucial to health and wellbeing and Occupational Therapists are one of the unique Health professionals who can co-design and deliver high levels of personalisation whether it’s for individuals or our local communities!

  5. A fantastic initiative that allows.people to access activites within community resources. Great exercise, fun and the power.of.music and dance bringing people together.

    • Hi Mary, Thank you very much for your kind comments!
      Co-design with Participants has made it a warm and friendly disco to bring people together to meet new people ! New folk feel safe enough to walk into a Nightclub alone (after many decades), where there is the night time experience during the day. At the same time it’s assisting to reduce some of the symptoms of dementia through music and dance; contributing to some lifestyle factors to delay onset and prevent some types of dementia! I hope you can pop and join us one Monday morning!

    • Thank you Dr Singh for taking the time to view the Blog and comment! Indeed, someone recently described it like the TV show ‘Cheers’ where everyone knows your name! It’s a great resource to socially interact and doesn’t rely purely on verbal communication. Freestyle Dancing is a great way to express yourself and interact with others!

    • Thanks a lot for your kind comments Karen ! Indeed …it feeds everyone’s soul at the disco…and as a participant expressed it’s nothing to do with age or ability but attitude when you walk through the Nightclub door !

    • Thanks Maura for your kind comment ….Music and dance are powerful therapeutic tools for both the person with dementia and also their families/Carer to connect!

  6. Pasna who I know personally is very passionate about helping people. When there weren’t any similar facilities she decided to set one up herself with great determination and hard work. All because she knows it will make a difference. And I believe it does make a difference to the lives of people with dementia judging by the response and I hope this reaches more people who would benefit from it.

  7. I think this is a fantastic idea. The power of music to evoke shared enjoyment and some early memories. Dancing to promote circulation and natural feel good chemicals released in exercise. A shared sense of being together as a group. Some familiar lyrics to recognise and maybe sing along to. It’s just so good on so many levels. Love it.

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