“Roots to Occupation” by the Scottish Dementia Working Group @S_D_W_G

A postcard was developed by the Alzheimer Scotland occupational therapy interns (Ciara & Sarah) and the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) in August 2018. Together, they talked about what occupations and activities were important to members of the SDWG and went on to reflect how members continue to engage in activities that are important to them.  This blog post shares the postcard.

The ‘Roots to Occupation’ was developed from “blethers” the occupational therapy interns had with different members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group and shares the practical activities that members of the SDWG engage in every day. However, what our tree also goes on to represent are the foundations that enable people to engage in their everyday occupations (activities) – what we have called the roots to occupation. Without these roots, the activities would not happen. Three main themes emerged to engage in everyday activities/occupations:

  1. The different aspects of me

My daily routine: visual prompts using white board, TV magazine, calendar or diary. My safety measures: door and falls alarms and reminder stickers. My assistive devices: hearing aids, glasses, blood glucose meter

  1. My environment

My home: my lifelong home, sheltered housing or my care home. Stigma free society: others attitudes, the language they use and opportunities they provide. Familiar places: safe community settings with friendly staff and quiet places provided

  1. People in my life

Transport services: individuals including taxi driver, bus driver and airport staff. My community: members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group, my hairdresser & befrienders.

You can find out more about the Scottish Dementia Working Group here www.sdwg.org.uk/ or on twitter @S_D_W_G #OTIntern2018 #AHPConnectingPeople


Thank you. This work was a partnership approach including



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