Scottish Dementia Working Group @S_D_W_G 10 tips on maintaining connections over the festive period

The members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group have developed 10 tips on maintaining connections over the festive period. The tweets were share daily starting on the 3rd December and this blog post is sharing all ten as a summary blog.

Tip 1: “Make a special effort to visit people over the festive period and share your time”

Tip 2: “Even if someone has declined an invitation, please do continue to invite them. Circumstances can change and they may appreciate the offer”

Tip 3: “If you are feeling lonely and cannot get out the house, let someone know.  This could be anyone, a carer, neighbour or family. The important thing is to tell someone how you feel”.

Tip 4: “Do not assume because someone has a lot of Christmas cards that they get a lot of visitors”

Tip 5: “If you think someone may be isolated, pop by and see them. you do not need to invite yourself in but just let them know you are thinking of them and ask if they need anything.”

Tip 6: “I find it helpful to think how I would feel if I was isolated and that encourages me to reach out to people”

Tip 7: “Try and get involved in your community, all year round, not just at Christmas and maintain this contact over the festive period”

Tip 8: “Give your family and friends a call, a quick conversation can really life the spirits

Tip 9: “Facetime and skype are great ways to keep in touch, it feels like your family are in the room with you”

Tip 10: “Take care of yourself and reach out to others if you need support”. The Alzheimer Scotland Helpline is available 24/7, all year round.  Tel: 0808 808 3000 Email:


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