Thank you from “Let’s talk about dementia”

Never in the history of mankind did not talking about something scary make it disappear


Our weekly blog hosted and supported by Alzheimer Scotland and led by the allied health professionals provides us with the perfect opportunity to share the work of the allied health professionals, extending the AHP reach in talking about dementia care, while also helping others gain a better understanding of our role.  We wanted to find a different way to share with people what allied health professionals can do, how they could help and at the same time emphasis an integrated way of working with Alzheimer Scotland and other key partners and professionals.  In this week’s blog we simply wanted to say thank you to all our blog contributors and all our blog readers, we cannot do it without you.   We look forward to connecting with you in 2019.    @AHPDementia #AHPConnectingPeople


Elaine Hunter, National AHP Consultant, Alzheimer Scotland


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