Supporting people with eating, drinking and swallowing using the Manual for Mealtimes National AHP Dementia Webex Series

The Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in Dementia webex series was launched in December 2018.  It had been identified that the AHPs would like the opportunity to hear more from their AHP colleagues about areas of good practice and quality improvement in dementia.  It was agreed to trial the use of webex in order to make this as accessible as possible.  We also wanted to support the delivery of Connecting People, Connecting Support (Alzheimer Scotland, 2017) Ambition 3: AHP workforce skilled in dementia care where an action for change included:

“The Alzheimer Scotland AHP dementia forum will work collaboratively to ensure a national approach to…sharing best practice…..”(2017:42)

Wendy Chambers @wendyAHPDem facilitates the bi-monthly webex on behalf of the Alzheimer Scotland AHP Dementia Forum. The presentation in August 2019 was on the topic of Supporting people with eating, drinking and swallowing using the Manual for Mealtimes

31st oct blog

This webex was hosted by Rebecca Kellett @rmakellett, Lothian Adult Community Speech and Language Therapy Team, NHS Lothian and the full presentation can be found here:

Following the webex, the participants are asked to complete a short evaluation with the following 3 questions, which will guide our future AHP dementia webex sessions:

  • Something you liked about the Webex?
  • Something that would have made the Webex even better?
  • Future topics?

A large number of people joined the webex, linking in from across 11 health board areas and across a wide range of AHP Groups.  Participants noted that it is beneficial being sent the presentation prior to the webex and fed back the value of hearing about projects happening in other areas.

We will continue to blog about each AHP Dementia Webex. Our next webex is scheduled for Wednesday 27th November from 3.30 – 4.20pm and is on the topic:

The delivery of a person-centred, Food First model of care, for people living with dementia in Highland social care settings

By our guest presenter –Evelyn Newman, Dietitian NHS Highland 

Further information, joining details and previous presentations can be found on the AHP Dementia Community of Practice, National AHP Dementia Webex

A big Thank You to Rebecca and Wendy!

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