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A new online space where people with dementia, family members and supporters can come together and explore ways of living with dementia at home was launched this month by a group of occupational therapists and designers. Lab4Living’s Dr Claire Craig and Helen Fisher have been working with Elaine Hunter and Alison McKean, Alzheimer Scotland to develop the materials at and then sharing new material being every Tuesday and Friday at @AHPDementia


The work builds on existing Lab4Living research led by Claire and Helen but also recognises the need to adapt and to empower users during the challenges of the current global situation:

“Whilst we have been working hard to provide group interventions for people at an early stage of their dementia journey such as ‘Journeying Through Dementia’, we also recognise that these need to be accessed at home and be available to those who cannot access a group, particularly at times like these.” Helen Fisher

A new theme of resources will be released every Tuesday and Friday and we have already posted practical information on Tuesday including ‘routine’ and using a “memory book” with Friday resources focusing on hobbies and interests including ‘music’ and ‘photos’.


Resource examples

The resources comprise of four main areas: conversation starters, things to try, games to play and signposting to other online resources. The content of these have been tried, tested and recommended by people with dementia either through ‘Journeying Through Dementia or Alzheimer Scotland. We will however be asking that people recommend resources as we go, making this a community of sharing tips and ideas.


Chat, Try, Play and More

Downloadable ‘try sheets’ feature under every topic and will soon be available as a physical resource to be posted out to homes who cannot access the website.


Music resource example

Follow @AHPdementia and @AlzScot on twitter, facebook  or instagram for regular updates and ways that you can get involved. We would also welcome your feedback about the on-line resource including

  • What did you like?
  • What would make it even better?
  • What’s missing?

We hope that you enjoy exploring our website and please get in touch if you have any activity suggestions or posted out to homes for people who cannot access the website. Thank you!


Claire Craig, Helen Fisher, Elaine Hunter, Alison McKean

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