Finding, Testing and Sharing: Domestic Products to help people with dementia living at home

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“Dementia Circle aims to find, test and share everyday products that can help people with Dementia stay independent for longer in their own homes”

Dementia Circle is a project funded by Alzheimer Scotland. We work with people with dementia and their carers to identify and develop products that will help people with dementia stay independent for longer in their own homes. Products are tested by real people and feedback is shared through our website, helping people make better decisions on what to buy.

On our website you will see a selection of products we are currently testing, but this is not exhaustive; we are constantly modifying our product listings based on your suggestions. We feature products that users recommend to us, so your feedback is the most valuable feature of the website and it informs every aspect of the project. You can either recommend a product and complete a form on our website to tell us about simple everyday products that have made life easier for you.

“The project is working with local families to test low-tech products for everyday”

See the Products. We have reviewed 32 products in total and you can view them on our website  under the headings of:

  1. Medication products that help ensure the right medication is taken at the right time
  2. Time day reminders with easy to read clocks, ways to keep track of important dates and more
  3. Telephones speed dial phones, phones with caller ID, easy to use mobiles and more
  4. Eating and drinking cups that help avoid spills, dishes that keep food warm
  5. Miscellaneous

On the dementia circle site you can also…

  • tell us about a product that has made life easier for you or someone you care for.
  • see a range of products other people have suggested as helpful.
  • read about the experiences (good and bad) of people using these products.
  • tell us your experience of using a product we have listed.
  • volunteer to test one of the products we have available for review.

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Please contact us at if you want to become a tester, need something you cannot find or have found a good product that you would like to share.

We invite you tell us a story”.

  • Tell us about activities you or someone you care for are finding difficult – we will try to find product solutions.
  • Tell us about simple everyday products that have made life easier for you.

Pic-1-ConvertImageJoyce Gray

Deputy Director of Development

My role is Deputy Director of Development for Alzheimer’s Scotland I am responsible for innovation and development across the organisation, this encompasses future opportunities in housing, technology and expanding the role of Dementia Dog and Dementia Circle to wider audiences. The circle work has expanded tour design of our interior spaces.